Our Team

Jason Fast, P.Eng.


Jason graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Jason is a respected professional engineer and business owner in the oil and gas industry. As a Professional Engineer, Jason has always had a passion to design and create. He is very driven, ambitious and has always had a desire to start new businesses. In 2017 Jason teamed up with Jess Nakaska to launch Creative Energy Productions.

Jess Nakaska

Executive Producer, Lead Director

Jess is Executive Producer at Creative Energy Productions. He’s responsible for the aspects of film and video projects. His duties include articulating the client’s vision, developing the story, assembling the best crew for shooting, and finishing editing and post-production according to client needs. Jess has worked on dozens of short films, corporate projects, and student videos. He was a Segment Producer for New University Television (NUTV) in 2014, tasked with creating a bi-weekly local sports interview program segment featuring a disabled host who absolutely loved sports. He is also a graduate of the Professional Program in Screenwriting from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Sarah Hockley

VP of Social Media Management

Sarah is currently attending University of Calgary for Marketing while applying her marketing knowledge in different industries. She acquired her love for social media management when she started with Argo Sales building their brand and creating all content on a daily basis. Sarah’s background in oil and gas started 12 years ago as a dispatcher for a downhole tool company. She moved up quickly in the industry as she was always eager to learn more. She is always looking for the next best thing on social media with creating fun and exciting photos and videos, you could say she loves what she does.

Alex Gibb


Whatever the project is, Alex can shoot and light it. He’s a seasoned camera operator and lighting technician whose experience includes TV, web series, corporate videos, documentaries, software demos, along with short films and feature-length dramas. A long standing member of Creative Energy Productions, he is well-versed in creating content that pops. As a graduate of the SAIT Polytechnic Film and Video Production Program living in Calgary, Alex has worked all over Alberta and occasionally hops the border into British Columbia.

Justin Snaith

Production Manager

Justin honed his skills working in the industry and at Ryerson University. He is a veteran of both independent and commercial projects. Throughout the years he has had the opportunity to get experience in almost all areas of production, ranging from concept development through editing and project delivery. This gives him valuable insight into delivering the highest quality products and meeting client needs.

Zoe Sherman

Video Editor

Zoe Sherman has a diploma in Film and Video Production from SAIT and a Bachelor of Film Studies from the University of Calgary. She enjoys editing a variety of formats including documentary, corporate, and short and long format fiction and also loves doing motion graphics and animation. Some projects include Chasing Tears (short fiction), 3 episodes of The Redneck Gourmet Show, and animating a video on bus safety.